A profound commitment to peer deeply into each moment to see how best you might discover, absorb and experience life, will open you up to experience a state of Expanded Consciousness.

A state of Expanded Consciousness is created when your mind and soul co-join. This is when the experience of life meets the awareness of its fullness. The state is triggered off by a moment in which you take an involuntary step backward and at last see the forest that was in front of your eyes all along.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

~Lao Tzu

You not only see the forest- with its trees, water bodies, flora and fauna; you see also the purpose the forest serves in the larger scheme of things. More than anything else, you see how something as disconnected to you as the forest actually has life lines running into your body, sustaining you- and millions like you.

You finally realize that your conviction of abandonment and isolation were the petulant delusion of a child, who convinces himself that he is unloved whenever his wishes are thwarted.

Experiencing a state of Expanded Consciousness is not reserved for a select few. The state is not a once in a blue moon occurrence; it exists in an unbroken continuum. All it needs is your attention. A state of grace and blessedness is always within reach, after all.

The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human

~ John Naisbitt

You may have had an experience of Expanded Consciousness in a flash, as an Epiphany. Or you may have experienced it intermittently during a turbulent, intense period of emotional distress leading to an awakening. Both kinds of experiences, whether an epiphany or an awakening, are immensely powerful and leave you feeling connected to the universe and in complete harmony with it.

The experience of an epiphany gives you a foretaste of what the full meal will be like. It is a touch of enchantment, one you look eagerly to recreate. You become a Seeker looking for more evidence of the connectedness you experience, Simultaneously a part of youย  wonders if you imagined it all.

The experience of an awakening gives you a irrefutable evidence of your oneness with the universe. You learn to stay afloat in this pool. As your comfort grows, you learn to swim- and even to dive deep into its translucent depths.

You become a Student exploring the new space, learning how vast and limitless it is. You learn also that the only thing that stopped you from experiencing this fullness was your own disbelief in its existence; an understandable disbelief since you never had an experience of it. The gates leading to this state were not only unlocked, they were flung wide open.

You had no idea what existed beyond the homely looking gates.

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