Green- 55 Fiction



They flocked around him like a bunch of cackling hens. In two days, my handsome good looks had paled into insignificance next to his passionately brooding maleness. The girls went to him like bees to a pot of honey. The pansy…!!!

Sensuously, pleasurably, longingly, fingers crushed the luxuriant blossom, purple juice seeping into the skin.



300 views and 112 comments..! How does the SOB do it…? I glare at my blog’s stats. 5 comments,180 views. I wish refreshing the page  would generate comments too. Burning acid floods my insides. I’ll expose him. The cheap fraudster… @#$%^…!!!

Sensuously, pleasurably, longingly, fingers crushed the luxuriant blossom, purple juice seeping into the skin.


He bought a Ferrari yesterday- cash..!! Last year he bought an Audi, now discarded. He must be a drug-lord, an honest man couldn’t afford it. I’ll keep my telescope zoomed on his house 24×7 and nail him one day. The gangster…!!!

Sensuously, pleasurably, longingly, fingers crushed the luxuriant blossom, purple juice seeping into the skin.



Her comments are all over his page. I’d be lucky if she notices me for two clicks- once a year. I woo her fervently and she throws herself at his feet. Another shallow butterfly, going only for garish colors. Godamn her…!!!

Sensuously, pleasurably, longingly, fingers crushed the luxuriant blossom, purple juice seeping into the skin.


“Anurag, being a team-player, I am sure you will not mind if we let Swati handle the overseas assignment this time while you hold the fort here and give her all the support she will need.”

Anurag smiled benignly at Swati.

Sensuously, pleasurably, longingly, fingers crushed the luxuriant blossom, purple juice seeping into the skin.



Note:  The theme of the stories is Envy/ Jealousy. The purple rose is unique and lovely, destroyed wantonly… punished for being unique. This is mediocrity’s attempt at victory over excellence.

(Avinash, the second one is for you. *smiles angelically*)

Green- 55 Fiction

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10 thoughts on “Green- 55 Fiction”

  1. a good read.
    short and very creative.
    but managers sending chicks to overseas assignments when the poor dudes are working their ass off is such a pity in indian IT industry.

    1. Anuz…

      What do you mean ‘chicks’…? Do you think I will understand THAT…? *snort*

      Has it occurred to you btw, that women work harder than men…? Except those who don’t of course…??



  2. The women who generally work hard do never ask for favours, most women i have worked with were awesome. And some them were my lead they were much better leads than the guys. Gender was irrelevant.
    Now on the other hand, the pretty ones tend to be full of excuses, didn’t differentiated between their privated lives and professional and were alway trying to be flirtious and wearing clothes which usually were attention seeking. Some manager have that notion that they may get lucky with them, but I always doubted that. Because it was all “seeing-but-no-touching” show.
    Smart managers on the other hand always took advantage of these pretty ones and send them across to customer end to get some sort of advantage, which is beyond my comprehension. Because if customer is dumb, we are doomed and if customer is smart, he will know this pretty faces are seriously lacking brains.

    Now whenever we have a winner here (a pretty and good engineer chick versus a dude with leet technical skill and shitty interpersonal skill) it was much obvious.
    Still in our country decisions are hardly fair.

    I have strong hatred for things getting their way because of the virtue of being them. I prefer the fair chance for everyone with due consideration for human conditions(gender not one of them).
    But whatever I have seen enough to know when its unfair and fair. So, I do not agree to the fact that either of the sex work hard than other until unless proven wrong mathematically.

    1. Dear Anuz…

      I wish there was some way I could tell you how MUCH your comment has pleased me.

      For me too, to bring in gender where the sole criterion should be performance and expertise, is to corrupt the very benchmark being used to measure performance. As you said, people who get influenced by a pretty face with no brain backup are dumb. I don’t even feel sorry for them honestly. They deserve being taken for a ride… the silly fools.

      Really though, if you examine the whole fair/ unfair axis… if you examine the life course of those who win by unfair means… you will never find lasting success. Sooner or later they trip. I recall that in The Laws of Success, Napoleon Hill talked about such people. He predicted that while these people think they have managed to fool those around them, life stands quietly round the bend with a heavy club in her hand, letting them have it across the windpipe when they least expect it.

      Somehow, that sentence fills me with a grim- and ghoulish- satisfaction. I am MUCH pleased. 😀



  3. Dagny,
    Mediocrity doesn’t stand a chance to have its way when challenged before excellence.
    but, mediocrity disguised as excellence plays a very clever part in career fields pushing excellence to a back seat. Many reasons I believe are attributed to this.. say, influence, misuse of power, favoritism, envy, jealousy ..etc etc…
    I just want to quote something that happened long before my time when my dad was a young intern at St. Bartholomew’s hosp London End . he shared with us once that in an interview to select a consultant anesthesiologist, the panel chose a young gora doc with blond hair and blue Iris for the post.. and Dr K, an Indian lady Doc, wasn’t selected though she had yrs of exp and expert in that line.
    He said the whole hosp knew the one selected was only good in talking volumes and no substance in it but the one not selected had all the credentials and yrs of exp. But the funny thing is when they had difficulties in anesthetizing a patient at the operating table they started looking for “where is Dr K? go bring her in!?” 😀
    Well that’s how it was then and still is!
    Again good post on “ mediocrity vs excellence” Dagny!
    Love and regds …always

    1. Bharathi,

      In the Brad Pitt starrer ‘TROY’, brad plays Achilles. In the first attack on Troy, Achilles wins the first skirmish against all odds. Every one gives credit to Agamemnon, king of Mycenae who had led the expedition of Achaean troops to Troy. Agamemnon happily accepts all compliments. Just then Achilles walks in. Achilles had agreed to be an independent part of the troops and the first attack was entirely his own idea. When he see Agamemnon taking credit for what he had done, he just stands in a corner and looks at Agamemnon with contempt and disdain. The look on Agamemnon, the shame and the cringing, spoke volumes for the inherent impotence of mediocrity. You see, it KNOWS itself as mediocre… and it can never pretend otherwise… not INSIDE.

      This is all EXCELLENCE needs to remember. And life will be a lot more fun. 🙂

      Love and hugs to you…

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