The Driver

Story Snap-shot:

This is the story of a driver called Amrit. He was born in poverty but was determined to lift himself out of the mire.  Being the eldest child, he voluntarily took up the mantle his drunkard of a father and ignorant mother  were too weak to  bear. He knew the only hope for his younger siblings was for him to make good in the world. Which was laudable enough.

He was a simple youth with no guidance and no experience of the sky in which he wanted to soar. The only counsel he had was his own, the only role-model he had was his down-at-heel family and the equally unspectacular people of his community. Yet he had immense faith in his ability to break- through.

He climbed on the dead branch of a sick tree. Before he could launch himself, the rotten branch gave way under him and he crashed. The benevolent universe, eager to see him win, conspired to bring forth resources… and to provide him with a mentor who will guide his steps and give him insights to show him where he went wrong.

The most important lesson his mentor taught Amrit was the relative scope and power of human-will as opposed to the power and scope  destiny. He learned why and how a man’s will shapes first his choices and then his life. He understands that the true Driver of his life is his WILL not his destiny.

The story is in four parts.

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