The world will always be full of dreamers.

There will always be mavericks whose only purpose in life is to jump into as many frying pans (and fires) as possible. Forever restless, always on the move. They infect you with their madness. They are charming and magnetic in their passion. Your shell of diligent preoccupation stands no chance against the fire of their optimism. It melts away, that shell, and life unthaws from its cold confines before you can say Jack Sparrow. You don’t know it perhaps, but you are inspired by someone else’s dream.

Without trying, you tune into their frequency. Your eyes catch a glimpse of the image behind their eyelids. Your ears catch elusive strains of their melodies. Your skin bedews with the liquid zeal in which they are suspended. You are caught in their fire. Your blood quickens imperceptibly. The conflagration begins to own you silently.

It is thrilling to be brought out of yourself like this. It is uplifting to feel the fire rage within you. It makes you feel powerful and invincible. You are ten feet tall with a strength to match. There is nothing you can’t do, no mountains you cannot climb, no ocean you cannot drink in a gulp. Oh, but it feels so good..!

There is only one fly in the ointment here.

The dream you are lost in is not your dream. You have your own dream, your own path to walk. You got so caught up in another person’s parade that you abandoned your own!?

What about those who are waiting for your parade to pass by so they can clap and cheer for you? What about those who have invested their hopes  and their sweat in your victory? Are they to be abandoned because you have foolishly decided to chase someone else’s rainbow?

It is good to rejoice and share in the excitement of another. It is more than fine to feel inspired by the sheer joy of witnessing a committed human being move an immovable mountain. It is beautiful to see someone reaching the summit and to feel the touch of grace on your own forehead because ‘one of us‘ has fought a grim battle and won. Nothing, but NOTHING can take precedence over that experience.Borrowed Feathers

You must stop to savor the joy. Take the time to bow your  head in gratitude. Ask God to grant him a strength which is equal to his task.  Pray that he reaches his goals.

Let you soul soak in the hope and joy of another person’s journey. You must do that, witness it, experience it. Nothing lifts one up than the sight of another reaching the stars. His victory gives you hope for yours.

But you MUST resist the urge to drop your own dream and follow his. You have your own destinations to reach. You have your own trail to hike. The colors of your inner being, the flag of your soul, waits eagerly for you to reach the summit of your own mountain.

 You cannot fly on borrowed feathers. Or live on a borrowed soul.


Pic from the Internet.