Soni_Soni: Hi!

Mohican_Man: Hi to you!

Soni_Soni: What have you been up to all day?

Mohican_Man: Oh, it has been a lousy day, not worth recounting. What have you been doing?

Soni_Soni: Nothing! It’s been a horribly dull day. I got so bored, I could scream!

Mohican_Man: In other words you’ve been missing me!

Soni_Soni: One of these days I’ll kill you… you’re so insufferably smug!

Mohican_Man: Truth is the truth.

Soni_Soni: Anyhow, I thought up of something!

Mohican_Man: Groan!

Soni_Soni: No, don’t groan! I’m sure you’ll like it.

Mohican_Man: Oh, you’re sure, are you? Lets hear it then!

Soni_Soni: I was thinking, you always mange to think 10 steps ahead of me. I don’t know how you do it.So I thought up a game we’ll play when you come online.

Mohican_Man: A Game? So you can beat me for once?

Soni_Soni: Well, yeah. Maybe…

Mohican_Man: Like what, Scrabble?

Soni_Soni: Nooo..!

Mohican_Man: Then? Not many options in an online chat, are there?

Soni_Soni: Let us see if we can scare, upset or shock each other.

Mohican_Man: Scare/ shock! You mean like telling each other ghost stories? That’s silly!

Soni_Soni: Nooooo! Not telling ghost stories! That would be so childish! Like you tell me something that I would find dangerous to me personally… and I get shocked or upset. Something like- Oh, I really hate that cat of yours! I think I’m going to kill it one of these days.  Something like that… something real that is related to me. Something that would upset or shock me. Because, I know you do hate the cat.

Mohican_Man: But we would know we were playing a game! Why would we get upset? You’ll know I am just saying it to annoy you!

Soni_Soni: Yes, but you have to be so convincing that somewhere inside me I’d wonder… what if he really does this? You get it now?

Mohican_Man: I don’t think I can say anything to scare you.

Soni_Soni: Come ON! Stop being such a spoiled sport! If you like, I’ll take the first shot.

Mohican_Man: Looks like you’re all prepared for it. Not fair!

Soni_Soni: When did I ever say I was fair? *grin* I’m sure I’ll win this time…

Mohican_Man: Alright… shoot!

Soni_Soni: I’m sending you a document. Please read it.

Mohican_Man (after a while): Hey this is one of our chats! How we went back and forth in this, didn’t we?

Soni_Soni: Yes, so we did!

Mohican_Man: But where did this come from? I mean, how come you have it?!

Soni_Soni: In the beginning when we started chatting I used to save some of the chats. It used to be fun reading them later… especially when we’d be fighting.

Mohican_Man: Oh!

Soni_Soni: What happened?! You sound annoyed!

Mohican_Man: Not really annoyed… but…

Soni_Soni: What’s the matter?!

Mohican_Man: Nothing!

Soni_Soni: Come ON! This is not done! TELL ME!

Mohican_Man: You always told me to be careful about things… lest they be intercepted. Didn’t we agree about that? Didn’t we agree never to save chats and stuff? You KNOW we can never come out and let the world know anything about US. You agreed to that, didn’t you?

Soni_Soni: Yes I did! But what have I done?

Mohican_Man: Why on earth have you saved our chats?!! Are you crazy?

Soni_Soni: I asked you to be careful because you are careless. Moreover, the snooping and cross-checking happens on your laptop. There is no one to riffle through my hard-drive. So what’s the problem if I have a few things saved?! I don’t understand why you are freaking out like this!

Mohican_Man: For someone asking me to be careful you certainly seem to make sure you save every bit of what we do.

Soni_Soni: What?!! Are you trying to insinuate that I am saving our chats deliberately to embarrass you someday?

Mohican_Man: Or worse.

Soni_Soni: You think I would blackmail you!! My God! Are you nuts?!

Mohican_Man: I’m not nuts!

Soni_Soni: Of course you are! I sent you the chat because there was a part towards the end that I wanted to use to startle you with. And you’re accusing me of planning to blackmail you! This is unbelievable! You think me capable of such lowness?! I am shocked and horrified you could think this of me!

Mohican_Man: Gotcha woman!

Soni_Soni: What!!

Mohican_Man: I got you upset! *grin*

Soni_Soni: Oh damn! You got me again, you cheat! How on earth do you do it!? *smile*

Mohican_Man: You lost the Game! Admit it!

Soni_Soni: I’ll admit that you’re the Game Changer, for me!

Mohican_Man: That’s game and match!

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Creative Commons Picture

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