I’d like you to visualize this:

It is an incredibly beautiful day. The air is clear, the sky is brilliantly, impossibly blue. Somewhere you hear the tinkling music of wind- chimes; it creates an answering resonance within you. The silence around you is deep, rippling with the shadows of contentment over a vista lit with the sunshine of hope. The place you are at fills you with a deep contentment. For once, your inner dialogue is stunned into silence.

There is nothing you need but to BE where you are for the rest of eternity. You are at the best place you have ever dreamed of being. If the next moment were your last, you would go willingly because you have experienced this moment.  You soak it all up, filling replete.

With that deep contentment filling your consciousness, you set out to begin doing A (the activity that energizes and excites you the most), with B (your favorite person). Simultaneously, you are having a great conversation with B about C (the topic/ subject that fires your imagination on all cylinders in double time).

Health- wise you are feeling even better than you were feeling at D (the time when your health was at its peak). You are strong, powerful and full of energy. (You could lift mountains on your little finger, run around the globe, swim the ocean to hop over to the next continent and run on over land again. You get the idea, right?)

You have no responsibilities, no deadlines, no major problems weighing you down. Money is no longer an irritant because an hour ago you received a letter from an unknown benefactor who has decided to fund your work E (the work which satisfies you most deeply making you forget time, hunger, fatigue and the world- not necessarily in that order) indefinitely. The funds are unlimited, no questions asked.

This would let you spend a lot more time with F (the person/ situation that creates the most powerful urge in you too merge; something/ someone who holds a magnetic, unreasonable attraction for you).

Relationships- wise you are in a better place than you were at G (a state of your highest feeling synergy, harmony and fulfillment with your loved ones and those who are important to you).

Whew! Done!

Now for some questions, please:

Did you find it difficult to remember any or all of A, B, C, D, E, F and G?

Now that you’ve recalled/ unearthed A, B, C, D, E, F and G, would you like to note them down for future reference? If not, why not?

Were you able to complete your visualization without a stray thought hijacking the process?

How long were you able to hold the visual in your mind’s eye before your rational/ social/ outer being kicked in with its logical responses?

Which of the following categories did your responses fall in:

Your Best Case Scenario

Conclusive Questions:

Were your responses a mixture of the two categories?

Did your responses fall in #1 category before jumping to #2- or vice- versa?

Did you reject either category entirely as impossible?

Here are a few thoughts for you to ponder:

You create worst- case scenarios all the time. They come to you naturally and spontaneously. Most of these worst case scenarios don’t come true. In fact they miss reality by a long, long margin. Yet, you continue weaving them lovingly and hold them close to your chest like a tigress protecting her cubs. Do you think creating a positive visualization is more wrong than creating a negative visualization?

How deeply do you think your visualizations impact your reality? Do you think it at ALL possible that if you hold your positive visualization in your mind’s eye consistently, even though your self-talk keeps scoffing at you, your reality might actually be closer to it? Do you think it remotely possible that if you hold it faithfully in your mind, that it might come true entirely… and then some?

What conclusions have you drawn for yourself from this exercise?

Picture from Google Images
Picture from Google Images